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Shinko Trials Tyres

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F544 & R545 Trials Competition Tyre 

The next generation of trial tyres from the world leader.
The Shinko Trial tyres are developed and tested by the best international Trials riders.
The design of the blocks, casing and compound allows the 544 remarkable grip on rocks with excellent stability and shock absorption.
The front tyre is a bias construction & Tube type.
The rear tyre is a Radial construction & Tubeless.
The rear Tubeless design allows tyre to run at very low pressures without pinch flats, teamed with all the advantages of radial construction, including a stiff bead area and a deformable crown, combined with a very sticky compound makes the 544/545 unparalleled in wet situations.

The Shinko Trial tyre is the tyre for professional and ambitious amateur riders.

R255 D.O.T Approved Trials Tyre 

With its super soft compound and a highly flexible radial carcass the 255 Trail Pro provides
excellent grip on rocks and other slick terrain.
Ideal for technical singletrack terrain

Features include:
Super soft compound with a highly flexible radial carcass, provides excellent grip on rocks and
other slick terrain
Lightweight, reduces un-sprung weight for improved performance and manoeuvrability
Works excellent in gnarly single-track terrain
Available in 18” and 19” rear radial sizes
19” size allows use by most all full size motocross bikes without changing rear rims
DOT approved

The 255 Trail Pro is a D.O.T. approved tyre but is not recommended for commuter/continuous highway use. It is a tyre for serious off road and trials applications and can be legally used “on highway” to connect off road trail heads.


A versatile performer with a tough nylon carcass and high dimpled knobs that work well in a variety of terrain. A narrow knobby configuration means less of an environmental foot print while on the trail.
Features include:
Tough nylon carcass and high dimpled knobs work well in a variety of terrain
4 ply rated, DOT approved, tube type
All sizes will work for front or rear fitment


The Shinko Group was established in 1946 and began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes in Osaka, Japan that today has become a burgeoning manufacture of rubber products.

In 1998 the Shinko Group purchased the motorcycle tire technology and moulds from Yokohama Rubber Co and began production of these products under the Shinko Tire brand. With manufacturing based in South Korea and design based in Japan, the company has seamlessly combined Japanese engineering and design principles with South Korean production and quality control standards. Today Shinko Tires produces approximately 200,000 motorcycle tires per month.

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