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Welcome to the home of elliott motorcycles.
we design and build race bikes.
We manufacture performance parts.
We race to prove perfection for riders who challenge limits. We're built brave.”

Elliott Andrews, Founder

Elliott Motorcycles Racing Parts

Custom Product Design

Have an idea for a one off part for your custom build or race bike? Want to turn an idea into product, or have an idea for a custom motorcycle build? Then speak to us, we have the capability to take your idea and turn it into reality.

Bespoke Race Bikes

Stay up to date with information on our latest bespoke race bike builds through our store.  Our bikes are designed, built, tested and tuned so that they don’t just go the distance, they are built brave to leave others in their wake.

Elliott Motorcycles Salt Race Bike Tank

Emtron engine management

Emtron develop a range of high end engine management systems designed for a market that requires uncompromising flexibility. Emtron systems are available through Elliott Motorcycles.

Elliott Motorcycles Salt Race Bike Tail

Shinko tyres

Established in 1946, Shinko have a tyre for every motorcycle. We use, recommend and can supply the entire range of Shinko Motorcycle Tires.  Check out our shop for our most commonly sold tyres or contact us to find out more about the full range.

Latest blog:

Corey Buttigieg and his Fastamoto team arrived at Sydney Dragway on Thursday night having driven 8 ½ hours from Melbourne for the Santo’s Summer Thunder, and they were ready for a huge weekend.  If you haven’t experienced Top Fuel racing yet then Corey’s progression to the Top Bike bracket of the 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series is just another reason why you should. Read more

Welcome to the home of Elliott Motorcycles. We’re about bold, relentless discovery. 

We develop products that make your bike sound better, look awesome and go faster.  Above all, we make it more YOU. So if you’re into being ordinary, we’re not the brand for you. We back riders who share our passion for the thrill of the ride.

The Elliott Motorcycles brand is forged from the signature of Elliott Andrews our founder.

While the signature represents one person, it also represents something that every motorcycle enthusiast can relate to – an obsession with performance.

The Elliott commitment to bravery extends to how we test our products not just in the shop, but at the track, along the roads, and on the salt flats.

For that reason we’re behind Corey Buttigieg, Australian Pro Stock motorcycle racing champion (2016) and Australian Competition Bike champion (2013). In 2018 he recorded a blisteringly fast 7.084 second pass on the quarter mile at Sydney Dragway. Corey’s Top Fuel championship campaign begins in 2020.

Stay tuned for details.

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